SHARED by: Melissa Van Wijk, Director of Tiny Tot Fitness
I have been signing with babies for many years now and I’m still wowed every time a baby ‘gets it’. It’s so powerful for a preverbal child to have the ability to express themselves without having to resort to tears or tantrums.

Over the years I have come to develop a workshop format that families love. Baby Sign Language (BSL) is easy to learn as long as someone shows you the ropes and supports you on your way. You really don’t need a series of classes. The reality is that infants will learn most signs from you using it regularly in your daily lives. I always describe the workshop as one-stop-shopping for Baby Sign Language. I take parents through all the steps from start to finish and  I generally don’t hear from families until they send me cute videos of their little ones signing.

Baby Sign Language is simply a tool that can make your life easier without requiring too much effort. A little truly goes a long way with BSL. Even 5 to 10 signs can make a big difference. Imagine how much easier things get if your child can sign basic things like More, All Done, Milk, Food, Sleep, Change Diaper, Please and Help.

Join Melissa at Gymtime on Wednesday, May 11 for a Baby Sign Language Workshop. For more information, email or call 347-778-1775.