Have you ever wondered how to talk to your child about the “masterpieces” that they so proudly bring home? The language you use to support your child’s artistic endeavors should reflect the concept that the process of doing an art piece is more important than the end result, or product.

I recommend the following supportive and non-judgmental statements:

“How does the (paint, clay, paper, glue) feel?”

“What can you tell me about your (picture, sculpture, collage)?”

Try to be more observant of what your child is creating and continue to encourage them by using comments such as,

“I see you are using the color (red, blue, yellow, green)

“You made some straight lines and some wiggly lines.”

“Your picture fills up the whole paper.”

Spend time having fun with your child as they discover more about creative self-expression. Free yourself from preconceived ideas about how art “should” look and enjoy the surprises your little one creates. Help inspire the Rockin’ Renoir in every child!

SHARED by: Max Stadnik, Director of Art at Gymtime, Early Learning Foundations and York Avenue Preschool

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