What is your role here at Gymtime? I am a teacher’s assistant and musician for the PEP room. 

What is the best part of your job? Working on songs for the color of week and book of the week. Hokey Pokey is pretty fun, too. 

What was your first job? Assistant to the Dean at Berklee College of Music    

Where did you grow up? A very small town called Oakham, MA. However, my family moved to Asheville, NC when I was 14 and I’ve always considered that home. 

What is your favorite activity to do outside of work? Write music and perform with my band The Humble Grapes

What is something most people would be surprised to learn about you?  I love Star Wars. 

What are three things you never leave the house without (besides your wallet, keys and phone)? My calendar/notebook, a capo and a book.    

If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?  Stevie Ray Vaughan    

What is your favorite…

Book? ” Farenheit 451″

Movie? “Legend”

Song? Lenny,  Stevie Ray Vaughn

Food? Taco

TV Show? “Luxury Comedy”

Hot or cold? Hot

Early bird or night owl? Night owl

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Sweet or savory? Sweet

Country or city? Country