SHARED by: Coach Chris, Director of Sports and Gymnastics

Parents of toddlers are often eager to know when their child will jump with both feet off the ground. It typically happens sometime between the 18 and 24 months, but every child is different. Jumping is considered a gross motor skill, which means they have the ability to control the large muscles of their body. There are the obvious physical benefits to gross motor skill development, including the overall activity level of your child. However, the psychological benefits are equally important and include building self-esteem and confidence. Usually, after 6 months of walking independently and participating in typical play (such as climbing on/off furniture, walking up and down stairs with help, and running on various surfaces) a child will have developed the strength and balance needed to jump without falling. Our Tiny Tot Fitness class and Cross Trainers classes are the perfect way to help train and develop your child’s muscles to help build their gross motor skill function.