How Practicing Yoga Can Be Positive for Your Child’s Cognitive Growth

Many of us have already caught the yoga ‘bug.’ If you are one of those lucky ones, then you know that yoga can be as excellent for our minds as it is our bodies. Yoga helps us to feel more self-confident, relaxed and focused. Did you know that Yoga is one of the most effective disciplines for improving mental health and cognitive abilities? And, the same positive benefits that adults feel can also be found when children practice yoga. It is proven that children who learn yoga will feel more comfortable with their bodies and exude more self-confidence and assurance.

So what else? Yoga in and of itself is a great mind strengthener. Additionally, practicing yoga may help to improve your child’s concentration. Young children are able to focus better and improve their attention’s span if they are learning yoga regularly. There are many yoga techniques that are proven to stimulate the brain and nervous system and help improve memory and concentration.

Yoga helps to develop your child’s skills in simple self-calming and emotional regulating practices. During a tough situation, a child will be better equipped to remain calm and be less reactive. Children will learn to use their words and become more mindful of their thoughts. Regardless of age, when practicing yoga you are working to clear the mind and stay in the present moment, which helps keep you calm. Yoga also helps to relieve tension and stress, as well.

Another important benefit is that yoga helps children to become more creative. Children learn creative movement and yoga postures that they can then implement in the classroom, during games, dramatic play and more. Yoga teaches children to test boundaries, be brave, get to know themselves and express it, just like art.

Yoga exercises improve circulation in our bodies, which also promotes thinking and helps improve our memory. It is an extremely relaxing discipline that trains the mind, restores peace and improves attention, concentration and memory. A child who learns yoga will be developing essential skills for a lifetime of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Shared By: Hilarie Moore, Yoga and Movement Teacher at Gymtime and York Avenue Preschool