1. Baby Hampton Sunscreen – A safe and effective sunscreen that will keep your children protected all summer-long.

2. Wipeout Helmut – Kids (and adults) can create a custom design on their helmut using dry-erase markers. Unleash your creativity.

3. Jumbo Bananagrams – Make a jumbo crossword grid using your letter tiles. Go bananas at home, in the park or at the beach!

4. Y Fliker F1 Scooter – Not your average kick scooter, the Y Fliker F1 goes forward with your side-to-side movement. A lightweight frame and twist-and-stow storage system makes this scooter perfect for any kid on the go!

5. Classic Vans Slip-On – Comfort, stability and style…what more could a child ask for? The Vans Classic Slip-On shoes are perfect for all your summer adventures.

6. Skuut Balance Bike – Balance bikes have given training wheels a run for their money. With no pedals or training wheels, the balance bike helps children learn balance, steering and coordination. The Skuut Balance Bike is Eco-Friendly and is a partner of the Trees for the Future program, ensuring one tree is planted for every bike sold.