SHARED by: Chris Vollaro, Director of Gymnastics and Sports at Gymtime Rhythm and Glues

It’s not news that this has been one of the most brutal winters in years (I love the cold and this is even a bit much for me) and cabin fever is sure to be in full effect. Rather than finding another app or game on the ipad, get back to basics with these fun games that will get you moving and laughing with the whole family.

  1. Hide and Seek – Playing hide-and-seek indoors, in a New York City apartment offers a larger challenge to those hiding. Keep track of the most creative hiding spots!
  2. Flash Light Tag – Give each player a flashlight. Turn off the lights in the house. Then, use your light to tag everyone else’s light.
  3. Indoor Soccer – Create goals with pillows and practice kicking back and forth. Remember to keep the ball on the ground.
  4. Couch Fort – This is by far my favorite activity. Take the cushions and pillows off the couch (maybe even from some of the beds if you want to make it extra cozy) and build a fort. Normal daily activities like coloring, reading books and playing with legos just became a lot more interesting in your child’s own little space.
There’s not a lot to these games, which is what makes them fun!