SHARED By: Chris Vollaro, Director of Gymnastics and Sports at Gymtime

You are never too young to learn healthy habits, which is why we take physical education seriously at Gymtime. An important part of exercising for children is to make sure they are also having fun!  It will encourage them to do similar activities on a regular basis if they know they will be enjoying themselves.

Outdoor games:  Two of my favorites are tunnel tag and soccer.  Not only are children running in tunnel tag, they are also going through each others legs to unfreeze each other. The changing of levels is great for using all parts of their body, especially their legs and arms, while increasing their heart rate!

Soccer is a logistically easy, yet endurance-based sport. It is simple enough to bring a soccer ball to the park in New York City.  You don’t even need a soccer goal. Rocks or sticks can work perfectly!  Not only will your child be actively running, they will also be improving their coordination.

Bike Riding: Riding a bike is a fun aerobic exercise and builds endurance. While biking with children in New York City does present its challenges, there are plenty of child-safe bike paths throughout the parks and along the rivers.

Freeze Dance:  Many children love to dance. This is a great indoor activity that can get your child moving while also being a game. Challenge your child to freeze in different positions that can help their balance and strength.

Relay Races – How can you incorporate many different kinds of exercises into one, fun activity? A relay race of course! Some activities to try in your “race” include: jumping rope, jumping jacks, sit ups, push-ups, hopping on one foot, squat jumps, donkey kicks (weight on hands, jump feet up) bear walks (walking on hands and feet) and crab walks. Even if you do not have a lot of indoor space, you can create a relay of more stationary activities  (10 jumping jacks here, bear walk to that corner and do five sit-ups), that is just as effective!

Take some time to teach your child a couple of these fun aerobic activities and enjoy exercising together! This is a wonderful opportunity to encourage them to stay active. Keeping exercise fun will create life-long healthy habits for your little ones!