Preschool Edition

The endless apps available for children can be overwhelming and while most only cost a few dollars, it adds up. We asked some of our teachers and staff members who have young children what educational apps their children enjoyed most.

  1. Endless Alphabet -Interactive app that helps children learn the ABCs and develop their vocabulary using a puzzle word game that sounds out each letter, as well as the entire word and definition.
  2. StoryBots – The all-access family pass ($4.99 month) gives families unlimited use of the StoryBot Collection of educational videos and games.Starring you books and videos inserts your child into an engaging and creative story, while ABC Jamboree teaches children the shapes and sounds of letters. The “Happy Parents” function includes behavior games such as  BEEP & BOP and SHARE Timer.
  3. Endless Reader – A follow-up to the Endless Alphabet app, the Endless Reader introduces young children to sight words and their context through fun animations and puzzles.
  4. Shiny Bakery – Cooking is a fun way to introduce a variety of skills, including following directions, problem solving and basic math. Shiny Bakery incorporates these concepts into a straightforward app that is fun, creative and educational.
  5. Writing Wizard – This customizable app guides children to trace the 26 letters of the alphabet. Once the letter is traced the letter comes to life and the child can play one of four animated games.

What educational apps does your family use?