SHARED by: Ms.Keri and Elena, Head Twos Teachers at Early Learning Foundations Preschool

The most important learning materials in our classroom are the props in the dramatic play area. We have a kitchen, dress-up clothes, hats, telephones, food, babies and other realistic pretend objects. The children often reenact what they see and hear at home. Dramatic play helps young children understand the grown-up world and express themselves. It is a place where children can be playful and ANYTHING is possible. The children in our class pretend to be doctors, train conductors, pilots, restaurant servers, firefighters and many more. They have cooked and served many interesting meals in our kitchen. Add a new prop (a box, a cash register, a steering wheel, an ice cream set) and watch the play take on a new life! It is also important to have a mirror in any dramatic play area so that the children can see what they look like. Dramatic play is essential in the social, language and cognitive development of young children.