The holiday season is here and with it, we have our Gymtime Gift Guide for kids! We asked our speciality teachers to choose their top picks for kids this gift-giving season. Give something that will get the reaction that won’t be soon forgotten!

  1. Box & Balls – A rolling, bouncing, stacking nesting game, that provides hours of entertainment. Couple problem-solving skills with hand-eye-coordination for challenging fun for all ages!
  2. Silk Playscape – A Mini Movers and Tiny Tots staple: a large silk scarf available in different colors or a rainbow or starry night. We use it as a calming activity laying down to see the scarf move overhead while we sing songs, but your child will come up with countless more ways to use these for dress up, building tents, and more.
  3. Wimzle – Great toy for baby to develop their grasp and dexterity as the bars slide and the orbs spin as well as early cause and effect exploration. The balls have different textures with a silicon ring for tactile input and gumming those pesky teeth. A favorite with our little ones in Mini Movers.
  4. Wall Easel – The perfect New York City Apartment easel. Just hang on your wall, choose the chalkboard or paper and create! A great space saving art-friendly toy!
  5. Gel Tile – Mesmerizing to infants and toddlers alike as the fluids move under their hands and feet. Great for sensory stimulation as well as visual play. Quick tip: This tile works wonders to get children who struggle with jumping to practice their skills as well as getting children who toe walk to use their whole feet.
  6. Kinetic Sand – Pull it, shape it and mold it to create incredible masterpieces. Since this sand sticks to itself, children can play with it and not make a mess!
  7. Instrument Kit – All the instruments you need, in one compact drum container – how convenient. Maracas, shakers, jingle bells, clackers and more!
  8. 3-in-1 Sports Zone – It’s three gifts in one! For the little athlete with a short attention span – play basketball, soccer and bowl in one, fun-filled package. Other than supporting your child’s gross motor skills, this activity kit folds and stores easily when you’re done shooting hoops!
  9. Aqua Doodle – Your child’s imagination will run wild with the aqua doodle floor mat. No other materials required and no set-up or clean -up needed! Could it be easier? Draw with water and creations magically disappear once they are dry, making new space for your next picture!
  10. Wooden Indoor Climbing Dome – Have a little monkey that can’t stay off the furniture? Give them a climbing structure JUST for them! Throw a piece of fabric over the top for an instant tent. If you have the extra space, this is well worth it!
  11. Water Bottle – Keep your gymnast (or athlete) hydrated through school and class. This water bottle has a silicone sleeve to protect the glass underneath. Sip in style.
  12. Gymtime Leotards – Does your gymnast have a flair for fashion? Our Gymtime gymanstics leotards are a favorite in our gym – and they come in hot pink and blue. Call the front desk to inquire about sizes and pricing, 212-861-7732.