SHARED by: Jamie Kolnick, Jam with Jamie

It’s October which means we are FALLing for music over and over again! We had a blast jamming with your kiddos in September, shaking our sillies out and getting to know each other. For the month ahead, we will be singing songs inspired by fall with prop and instrument play. We always incorporate movement-based songs as well, including “Walking around on the cold, cold ground,” and “In & Out,” an interactive movement song where we stand in a circle going in and out of the circle- slow, fast, quietly, and loudly. The kids have a blast waving “HELLO!” when they get to the middle of the circle and love experimenting with the different speeds and pitches of movement with music.

We love jamming with you in class and we aspire for the music we introduce to you in class to weave into your musical lives at home! One of the Jam with Jamie specialties is interactive musical hand plays. Here are a couple of the songs we have been doing in class with you so you can jam at home!

This month we have introduced the children to drums (sorry in advance!) and our favorite drum song, Rum Sum Sum, is sure to be a classic throughout the year.

Here are a couple of our favorite hand plays that we have been doing in class:

Baby Bumble Bee (From September!)

Five Green and Speckled Frogs (Currently!)

Also Heads up! Our special guest In October is children’s entertainer, Amelia Robinson from Mil’s Trills. She will be joining us for our classes on Tuesday, October 23rd!

This isn’t the half of it, just a little taste of what we’ve been up to in our little musical corner! So much more to come!