SHARED by: Karyn Smith, Assistant Director at Early Learning Foundations Preschool

At what age is it appropriate to introduce technology to our children? This is a question of great debate amongst educators and researchers alike. Several researchers do not recommend that children under 3-years-old use technology simply because computers do not match their learning style. Others feel introducing technology can benefit young children’s learning experiences. Many early childhood educators realize that technology is not just another educational fad and when used correctly, can be a great tool.

The Early Childhood classroom is the perfect launching pad for the use of technology in the educational setting. Since every place is a learning opportunity for young children, what better way to multiply their learning places than with technology? The computer, internet and digital cameras can link young learners with other environments, other learners and other educators. Early childhood is also all about enhancing skill levels. Again, technology is an important tool in developing eye-to-hand coordination, small motor development, problem solving, symbol recognition, color recognition and sequencing. When children use the computer they learn about cause and effect and following directions not to mention the boost to their self-confidence after a successful navigation. Young children learn best when they repeat an activity several times.