SHARED by: Samantha Katorkas, Gymtime NYC Team Director

The park is a great place to build strength and endurance for gymnastics. Utilize the park equipment in ways you haven’t before! Have fun!

Please note: Only attempt these activities in a safe place under your parent or guardian’s direct supervision. Do not attempt skills which are beyond your ability. Have fun!

Monkey Bars

  • 5 Leg Lifts

  • 10 Tuck Ups

  • 6 Windshield Wipers – lift legs and move them to the right and switch to the left, 3 times each side.

  • 5 Pull Ups

  • 5 Chin-Ups

Knee Highs – 80x

Tuck Jumps – As many as you can in a row

Run around the perimeter of the park as fast as you can. Have someone time you and try to beat your best time.

Stairs – Run up and Down Stairs – 10x

Park Bench

  • 10 Arm Dips

  • 20 Rebounding Jumps onto Bench

  • 20 Jump and Sticks
  • 15 push ups

Jump side-to-side, front-to-back over a small object.

Jump Rope

Play tennis or basketball

Thank you to our wonderful gymnasts from our Gymtime NYC gymnastics team for being amazing models. Grab a friend and have fun staying fit all summer long!